Brewery Tour Giesinger Bräu
"Brewery Tour Giesinger Bräu"

Included: A tour of the production facilities, the bottling plant, the beer hall and the "oh my God!" of the Giesing deep well.
Water sample from the deep well, 2-3 beers with pretzels and 1-2-3 good mood. See you soon - bring a big thirst with you - otherwise it's unbearable - by the way, the bar is open for everyone on days with tours until 21:30 :)

PS: Attention, new plant in Detmoldstr. 40, not Giesing!

PPS: Please arrive 15 min before your tour starts for organization purposes. No worries, beer is always cold =)

PPPS: For safety reasons, we reserve the right to exclude heavily intoxicated persons from the tour.

We will announce new dates 6-8 weeks in advance.

Brauereiführung Englisch

Bitte ca.20 Min zwecks Organisation vor Ort sein.